Employee Wellness and its link to organizational performance

It is not difficult to link employee health to productivity. Various studies have been done to show the connect between employee health, lost work time and productivity.

A Towers Watson report over 350 employers with greater than 1,000 employees showed companies that approach Health & Productivity program as a business strategy achieved significantly better financial outcome.

Employers with effective H&P programs achieve significantly better business outcomes
The response data build a comprehensive diagnostic of the effectiveness of companies’ health and productivity strategy and programs. Four specific benefits were found in this study.

  • Higher total returns to shareholder
  • Higher market premium
  • Higher revenue per employee
  • Lower Turnover rate

Well-Being’s Link to Attributes that Drive Organizational Performance is solid
According to the study, people with low well-being are:

  • Seven times more likely to have low job performance
  • Twice as likely to have low intention to stay with the same employer.


Relationship between Health and Business Performance is statistically significant

According to the article “Linking Workforce Health and Business Performance” by Integrated Benefits Institute(IBI), companies that offer more of the highly rated HPM practices have better business performance outcomes. This study investigates the relationship between employers’ HPM scores and measurable indicators of organizational business success.

The results indicated that there is a statistically significant relationship between Return on Sales(ROS) and HPM scores

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