What is employee wellness

By definition, any program or initiative started by an organization to support health and well-being of an employee is a wellness program. It can cater to physical and/or mental-emotional health of the workforce and leads to an overall healthy workplace.

While there is a lot of awareness about physical wellness, mental wellness is almost sidelined. As per the latest budget, India has allocated only 1% of its total health budget to mental health

WHO reports that 20% of Indian population will be suffering from at least one mental-health problem by 2020. As per ASSOCHAM report approximately 43% people working in the private sector in India are battling either anxiety, depression or chronic stress. It is in the interest of the corporate, therefore, to cater to this before it takes the shape of a pandemic.

“Health care… Disability… Sick Time… Retention. These four issues are quickly moving their way up the ladder to become among the most significant expense line items for organizations”

Corporates can play their role by fostering a healthy culture. By encouraging healthier choices among their current employees, they can reap long term savings in terms of sick time, disability and health care costs. Companies that have effectively developed a wellness culture also realize cost savings in reference to retention, recruitment, reputation and employee “presenteeism” (engagement).

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