Technology in aiding Employee Health

Preventive health in organisations has not been given the attention it deserves. This is even more true for mental health. People with any kind of mental-emotional problem find it extremely hard to come forward and open up even to their family members. Research shows that a patient of depression suffers in silence for 10 years before seeking help. This is because s/he cannot come to terms about the condition before that and social stigma attached to it does not help either.

But non-reporting and not seeking help does not mean the problem doesn’t exist! The issue still remains very real and grim.

In India approximately 9% people suffer from some form of mental health issue. This situation is predicted to worsen as per a research and the journal, The Lancet and the lancet psychiatry states that in the next 10 years india will see a steep rise in the number of such patients.

Indian government statistics say that 1 in 5 people in the country need to consult a therapist or a psychiatrist. As per the health minister of India, India has 38000 therapists and
848 clinical psychologists meaning there are only 3 therapists for 10 lakh Indians. There is a dire need of 66,200 therapists in india. So how do we tackle this menace?

Technology is the answer as per experts as it can bridge the gap to an extent. With the growing acceptance of technology even in the rural areas, more and more people have access to internet and mobile phones. These can be used to spread awareness by making content related to the subject available. People will be able to diagnose the condition and will even find preliminary solutions to the problem then and there. Remote counselling is also a real possibility and will eliminate the barriers of distance and cost.

As we see it, Technology is the new partner and friend of people with mental-emotional issues.

In the corporate setting per se, we see the following benefits of technology while aiding behavioural health:

Benefits to employees: Confidentiality, ease of use, authentic information

Benefits to corporate: Tangible returns, Program Status tracker at the click of a button, compliance reports

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