Our Passion

At MeeHappy we strongly believe that a sound mind in a sound body is the recipe for a healthy and happy life.

We are in the business of preventive health by focusing on physical fitness and positive mental health. Mental Health Sector is an area where a noble cause of making a real difference to an individual’s quality of life; and an immense business potential co-exist.

MeeHappy Wellness aims to take Authentic Information, Sound Advice, and Clinically Proven Solutions from Credible Partners to the Corporate World. Use Technology to deliver services in an engaging, creative, interactive, personalized and effective manner.

Our Application on smartphones and the web platform is designed for anytime – anywhere usage assuring complete confidentiality to the user while capturing the entire engagement and benefits of the programs to the corporate. By doing so, we strive to help companies give the best to and get the best out of their most important asset, The Employee, while achieving their Corporate Goals