Positivity: A prescription for Happiness!

Lots of What’s App messages were being floated on the International Yoga Day and one that was shared in a lighter vein talked about being able to drive on the roads of Delhi without losing one’s temper. It is as below:

“If you can drive your car in Delhi without abusing anyone, you have truly attained inner peace!

Yoga, Meditation sab bhram hain (Yoga and Meditation are all misconceptions) 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-)”.

It is just a small example of how our outside world, and things that we have no control on, has the capability of hampering our inner peace. If we go and rewind our week, there will not be too many days that we would have spent without fretting, shouting, screaming or cursing?

Sometimes we may be able to justify our reactions but, in most cases, we over-react because some other things may already be playing on our minds or bothering us. More often than not, it is the cumulative impact of these things that make us react the way we do.

Over a period of time our behavior becomes a habit and we try and find fault and pick negative things easily around. My boss may be praising me for my work generally but if once s/he says something to me, it will affect my mood the whole day or even the entire week. I tend to give more weightage to his criticism than to his appreciation. I will be overthinking and over-analyzing as to how he could say that to me, realizing little that the one single moment is ruining my whole week and affecting the many happy moments I could have spent with my family or just with myself!

Media is a reflection of the society that we live in. Pick any day’s newspaper or turn on the news channel and approximately 60-80% of the headlines will be dark and gloomy. So many people died in a car crash, there was sectarian violence that broke out in place abc, air pollution has reached severe levels and we are breathing poison, xx% rise in rape cases, road rage on the rise etc etc. Is nothing good happening around at all? Or are we attracting more negativity than we should? Can we do something to help us think about better things and lead a happy, fulfilling life?

The answer is in affirmative and lies in Positive Psychology.

Laugh and be happy meehappy“Positive psychology is the scientific study of what makes life most worth living.” (Peterson, 2008)

According to Wikipedia, Positive psychology is concerned with the “Good life”. It is a reflection about what holds the greatest value in life – the factors that contribute the most to a well-lived and fulfilling life. These factors can be very different for different people and so, the term happiness is defined differently for different people.

For some gain in career leads to happiness, whereas for others taking care of the family gives more satisfaction. For some, money equates to happiness, for others, being surrounded by family and friends at all times leads to happiness. Some are happy only when they are famous, but for some happiness is in solitude, sitting with themselves and finding the true meaning of their life. The idea is to find contentment and meaning in the everyday things we do.

Reading positive things, gaining knowledge about how to handle negativity, learning to ignore what doesn’t matter to us in the long run, living mindfully etc are some of the things we can do to achieve happiness.

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