Do not crack under pressure like this egg!

There is a great chance that you must have heard about the record-breaking egg that has being doing rounds on social media lately. We didn’t realize at the time when it started that the subtle message behind this entire campaign would be so powerful and absolutely relevant in today’s time and age.



After garnering over 50 million likes on Instagram the egg began to show signs of cracking on Feb 4. It was given an identity so that people could relate to it and below the image was a message suggesting that the cause of these cracks was the pressure of social media!

As amazed as I was about this clever campaign that reached millions of users worldwide, I was super happy to see that mental health topics are finally being discussed in such manner and scale.

It is time for us to acknowledge that conditions like stress, anxiety, depression etc. are very common and affect everyone at some or the other stage of their lives. The intensity can vary and so can its longevity, depending upon various factors, both biological and environmental.

So, there is no shame in talking to people who care about you. Ask for help when you think you cannot cope with things or have been feeling low for a considerable period of time.

It all starts with information, with being aware of what is happening within you. The more you bottle your emotions, the greater the chances of them resurfacing with even more force. Mental health conditions can be triggered due to a variety of factors. They can be due to the environment you are in; like greater work load in office, relationship issues at home etc. or can also be biological; like due to some chemical imbalance in your brain. The good news is that in either case, they are very well manageable.

What we need is being aware and acknowledging that we need to do something to change this situation and get out of it. Then we need to know the extent of the condition and what lifestyle or any other changes we need to adopt to overcome them. It isn’t as daunting as we thought it to be, is it?

MeeHappy is a small initiative to achieve this big goal of raising health awareness, especially mental health awareness, starting with corporate employees. With the help of like-minded people and groups, we surely hope to see a day when talking about mental ailments and a visit to a therapist or a counselor will be as common as talking about a sprain or visiting a physician or a dentist.

Till then, please keep spreading the word at individual level and do not shy away to speak up in case you have something going on in your life.