“MBBS syllabus changed after 21 years; to focus on mental health”​

“I don’t like him”, I said to my gynae during the first postnatal visit after my son was born.

“Why? He is so beautiful.” she replied. And the conversation ended there but not the feelings that I carried home and had to deal with for almost one more month till I started behaving “normally” and “loving” my child.

I did not understand this then but it is now, when I am actually in the health and wellness space myself, that I can join the dots and realize that it could have been Post-Partum Depression or PPD.

I question now, that why was this not told by my gynae then? Perhaps me and my family could deal better with my situation then. Was she only responsible for the “physical” health of my child and me? Was it not her duty to tell a first time mother that hormones and emotions can play havoc and everything is not as rosy as portrayed in movies?

One of the main reasons of my being inclined towards health, particularly mental health, is that it is such a hush hush topic in India and I don’t understand why? Why do we Indians make a big deal out of every “normal” or “abnormal” situation? If having a cold or flu is not abnormal, why is having depression, anxiety or any other mind related issue something that shouldn’t be talked about?

We are beginning to have some awareness but have a long and hard road ahead. I have met a fair share of business leaders and everyone is happy when they hear or read about these things and also acknowledge the need for doing something in this direction. But, when it actually comes to some action, they feel this is way down in their priority list.

Day before a friend shared a headline flashing on one of the news portals

“MBBS syllabus changed after 21 years; to focus on mental health”.

Felt happy on two counts! One, could relate to my own story when I was a patient; and two, see some hope in my endeavour of raising awareness (starting with the corporates) about this topic and making our society a happy and healthy one!

So, all you fence sitters out there, especially the business leaders, CXOs, HR heads, and employee engagement heads etc who agree that doing something about employees’ health in general and mental health per se is a necessity, please get on board. Get a holistic employee wellness program and one which truly delivers when it comes to raising the much needed awareness about mental-emotional health. Happy to see some action on the part of the government and now it is time for the corporates to act!

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