Happy Mother’s Day – 13th May 2018

“Motherhood is the GREATEST THING and the HARDEST THING!” Ricki Lake

I, being a mother myself, cannot agree more with this statement. Motherhood is sheer bliss, but it has its fair share of stresses and we all know it! Each phase comes with its unique set of challenges. From learning how to take care of a newly born to keeping up with the anxiety of examinations during their school years. From making career choices with them, to accepting a new person in their life when they are ready to make their own little nests away from our own.

But the trick here is to enjoy each phase when it is there. We have heard umpteen number of times that kids grow up really fast. So, it is better to cherish all big and small moments while the phase lasts.

Below are some handy tips to get you through those beautiful, and yet sometimes stressful days with ease and elan!

Happy Mother’s Day once again! Keep smiling, Keep shining!

Mother's dayIf you are mother, please practice these tips and see the difference. If it is not immediately relevant to you, kindly pass it on to all the beautiful mothers that you know!

As per statistics, majority of women in India decide to take a break from their careers after they have a baby. Reasons are galore and quite understandable. If we want women to be a part of our workforce, we will need to provide conducive environment and understand the practical challenges they go through.

MeeHappy Wellness has tried to provide some solutions through our research that can go a long way in supporting our women workforce.