Employee health is good for Corporate’s wealth

It is really a no brainer to positively correlate employee health and wellness, with their productivity. Still to satisfy rational minds, a large number of researches have been done across the world to quantify the savings corporates make on health insurance costs and the profits they can accumulate by the virtue of increased productivity of the same set of employees. An average return on investment on every dollar spent on a wellness initiative is anywhere between $3 to 5. To make this more meaningful for Indian corporates, ASSOCHAM also did a small study and found that Rs 1 spent on employee wellness saves Rs 132.22 as absenteeism cost and another Rs 6 as reduced healthcare cost. The increase of productivity has not yet been factored in this number.

Employee health and productivity

Another point to consider is the focus on employee wellness initiatives. If any such initiative is introduced in the organization, it is important to drive it and drive it with passion. Merely doing a lip service is not doing any good and defeats the entire purpose of having it in first place.

Employee health and productivity

Then comes the focus of such initiatives. When we talk about wellness, it has to be holistic and by that, I mean physical, emotional, behavioural, social and spiritual. India is a country where looking inside oneself has always been prioritized. Yet, we are becoming a generation who are least connected with ourselves and running aimlessly from morning to evening without much clarity on what we want to achieve in life and why? This is the primary reason why incidences of discontent, anxiety, depression etc are becoming more and more common. Not all these conditions are caused by external factors and some have to do with a person’s genetic make-up as well but the proportion of people falling in category one is huge and is something that can be avoided or at least controlled.

Employee health and productivity

So, have that wellness budget earmarked and focus on the health of your most important assets, the employees.

It is better to have a well-defined and holistic wellness program by getting in touch with experts and reap the many desirable benefits.

MeeHappy Wellness is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that focuses on overall health and positive psychology.

Our mission is to help organizations get the best out of their most important assets, the employees, thereby achieving their corporate goals.

We do this by designing EAPs to support employees achieve emotional, psychological, physical and social well-being; be productive at workplace and lead a happy and fulfilling life. Starting with happy employees – happy individuals, through this initiative we aim to make our society a bit more happier and healthier.

To help your employees lead a happy and meaningful life, contact us now.

About the author

Shivani Khera Khanna is a founding member of MeeHappy Wellness with years of experience in the national and internal wellness industry.