Corporate Wellness and Mental Health

The first logical question before embarking on any employee assistance program is how important is mental health for the overall corporate wellness? Are there any measurable parameters or key performance indicators that will help us know whether the EAP is really working?

The buyers of corporate wellness generally and EAPs per se are becoming more aware and specific as to what they can expect from such type of a program. This means that any sort of wellness program that is woven together has to start with effective solutions to help improve people’s mental well-being. Stress, depression and mental health struggles are affecting 1 in 5 people worldwide. Various studies have shown that this is costing corporates billions of dollars and is also adversely affecting the society. The question is how can organizations help employees take better care of themselves and pay heed the mental/emotional/behavioural issues?

MeeHappy Wellness, one of India’s most comprehensive and cost effective EAP works toward helping organizations get the best out of their most important assets, the employees, thereby achieving their corporate goals. We know the sensitivity of the subject and act as a confidential buddy to the employees by providing them comprehensive and authentic information in an easy to understand manner. MeeHappy acts as an end-to-end interactive platform by providing solutions through registered solution partners.