Corporate Wellness is a good Business Strategy. Are you covered?

When we talk about health and wellness, it is almost a no-brainer that if a person takes care of his or her health, then in the long term it is going to provide multiple benefits and huge returns, both qualitatively and quantitatively. But what is in it for corporates and why should they even consider something like a wellness program for their employees? Isn’t this the employee’s own responsibility to start with? Is it not another cost center for the corporate?

Corporate Wellness as Business Strategy

These are just the basic questions, every HR head or a business unit head has in his or her mind, if and when they are looking for a corporate wellness program. In a country like ours, wellness doesn’t come naturally as a corporate initiative and nor is it mandated by policies and laws. It therefore, becomes imperative that organizations that are looking for a competitive advantage start leveraging wellness as a differentiator.  This will give them that extra edge over the competitors.

All this makes perfect logical sense and thankfully, it is not all theoretical. Umpteen researches have been done around the globe and studies have been published in leading journals, linking employee wellness directly to the bottom-line of the organization.

A recent Gallup study found that 23 percent employees reported feeling burned out at work very often or always, while an additional 44 percent reported feeling burned out sometimes. This job burnout accounts for an estimated $125 billion to $190 billion in health-care spending each year. Add to this the outside of work environment and stress contributed by relationships kids etc., almost everyone needs help in any small or big way they can get.

“Corporate Wellness is therefore a good business strategy”

Spending a little on preventive healthcare is much better than burning huge amounts as treatment cost. And healthier, happier employees are way more productive. In terms of RoI as well, a good employee wellness initiative gives a return of anywhere between $3 and $5 on every dollar spent on it.

To see apparent results, the initiative has to be well thought through, customized to the need of the demography of that particular organization and has to eventually become a part of the corporate’s culture.

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