Co-existence at workplace and otherwise

When I saw this arrangement of eggs, the one thing that came to my mind is co – existence. How beautifully all the eggs were staying together inside the bowl without being jealous about who is on top, who is more visible and so on.

Most parents we know of or as parents ourselves we aspire to see our children in front on the stage whenever there is an annual day or any other stage performance. Lots of people have this tendency to be different or to do something different. Be it in academics, sports, or any other extra-curricular activity, people want to stand out from the crowd.

Well, there is nothing wrong in wishing to be different. In fact, everyone is different from another in his/her own way! In fact, diversity is there in the nature itself as god has bestowed each one of us with a different strong point. All we need to do is nurture it by being our own selves.

But the major concern here for me is, diversity leading to differences. Even though people know that everybody is different, yet they start competing with each other in their desire to show one up-manship. Along with that they also stop cooperating with each other. This leads to animosity, clashes and unnecessary misunderstandings. Like it or not, such feelings of competitiveness are all the more prevalent in the corporate world where we experience the need to cast a positive impression on our superiors. This leads to friction in our relationship with our peers bringing down our productivity and that of our team.

A solution is to break our ego and appreciate individual differences, diversity would be upheld and co- existence becomes possible. Otherwise, we ourselves will become reason for our own destruction. Therefore, let all of us, start appreciating the diversity and mutually co – exist by taking the advantage of expertise of everyone for the benefit of everyone.

Stay happy and Stay healthy

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About the author

Akshara Damle is the Founder and Psychologist at Mano Samvaada